Watershed Education Training - Ponds, Lakes & Neighborhoods

WETPLAN (Watershed Education Training – Ponds, Lakes & Neighborhoods) is an education program and resource for anyone interested in improving and caring for their neighborhood lakes and ponds. The program provides workshops several times a year with a panel of experts providing assistance for home/condo owners associations and individuals.

WETPLAN is a partnership of water quality and lake management experts including members from the Lee County Natural Resources, Lee County Hyacinth Control District, the Florida Native Plant Society, Florida Gulf Coast University and others.


Pond Watch Logo

Pond Watch is a citizen’s volunteer monitoring program sponsored by the Lee County Hyacinth Control District to educate and help manage storm water ponds in Lee County. Homeowners who have experienced regular problems with aquatic weeds can receive an in-depth analysis of their pond to minimize the aquatic weed problem and improve the conditions of the pond.

Lee County Division of Natural Resources oversees several programs focused on the protection and management of our natural and water resources through water quality inspections, monitoring and outreach, flood protection, water conservation, beach preservation, water-way/marine resources, well permitting, hazardous waste management and pollutant storage tanks programs.

Florida Native Plant Society’s mission is to promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of native plants and native plant communities of Florida. The Coccoloba Chapter represents most of Lee County. Visit www.FNPSCoccoloba.org for more information and to learn more about native plants and how The Coccoloba Chapter can help.

The Mission of The Chamber of Southwest Florida is to be a regional business organization that builds leadership as a strategic contribution to the community. We will deliver quality information, services and value to our members that provide a positive contribution to their business. The Chamber keeps our members and the regional business community current on the topics that will have the greatest impact on their organizations. Individual workshops, seminars, and luncheons examine both business and policy issues that affect the business community.

Located in the midst of Florida’s complex freshwater and saltwater systems, The Water School is uniquely positioned to explore water-based issues. The health of waterways impacts surrounding ecosystems, regional and state economies and people who rely on water for life and leisure. By taking a leadership role in this vital arena, FGCU acts as a catalyst for change in our community and throughout the world